The application is web based, so it does not depend on your operating system. Do you like good wines and travel to wine regions? Wine out application was made for you!


Wine out is the first comprehensive application which can be used easily on any smartphone. Discover Budapest and the 22 wine regions of Hungary by a click!


Using the Wine out app, you know what you are paying for thanks to the rating functionality. You can see other users´s opinion on wines and wine related tourist sights, which makes your choice easier.

What does the application give to you?

Using the application you can discover Budapest and the 22 wine regions by a click, you can find information about the offered wines, wineries, accommodation and transfer possibilites or you can see the upcoming wine related events.

Wines and Wineries

The aim of the application is to contain satisfying information about the wines and wineries on regional level. By this funcionality users can find their favourites, can write reviews, ratings which is a good feedback for other users too.

Ensure even your travel via this app!

Accommodation and Dining Possibilites

Wine out is a comprehensive guide to the tourists to find the perfect accommodation, restaurant, wine bar, etc. and moreover to handle their bookings. Accommodation and dining places can be rated too.


Be active part of the wine tourism


The Decision is in your Hands


You can rate the wineries, wines, accommodation and dining possibilites. The created list can assist you to choose smart.


Via sharing your reviews on Facebook, you can involve your friends


Your reviews are visible under a separate menu option


Your reviews are visible under a separate menu option



For Event Managers

App can be used as own information and promotion site.

Wine out application offers unique and complex solutions to wine and gastronomy related events. For event organizing we can transform it to a unique design.

For event organizing we can transform it to a unique design.

The app can be customized to the aim of the event: the colors can be changed or the elements of the galleries can be transformed on a unique way.

Own information and promotion surface

Prior to the event the app can be filled with all kind of important information. Besides the related content, any information about the wine and food portfolio can be added as well, highlighting the wineries too. So the guests can have a wide range of knowledge.

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